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Integrates all aspects of a dental practice

élan Practice Management caters to all aspects of a dental practice with efficient clinic management functions. It provides extensive patient record management with categorized search options. Staff records are categorized and maintained effectively. Treatment plan with graphical support makes recording treatment details simpler and faster. Navigation to subsequent steps in the treatment process of a patient helps maintaining an organized treatment plan. Clinic schedule management with staff availability indication makes appointment management effective and time saving. Treatment and prescription reports help easy tracking of treatment history. Bill generation based on patient scheme subscriptions and insurance details adds to the efficiency of the system.

Most comprehensive and competitively priced software

élan Practice Management is a competitively priced software with all the features for effective clinic management.

Easy backup and restore

Backup function in élan Practice Management helps creating backup of the database, so that data can be recovered in case of loss or damages caused by disk failures, power outages, virus infections and other potentially damaging events. There is also an option to take back up of X-Ray images and patient photos.

Restore in élan Practice Management helps to restore the previously backed-up data in the event of hardware failure, accidental erasure, or other data loss or damages.

Easy data export and import

List of Procedures and List of Drugs from any text file in specified formats can be imported. The import function also generates an error file in case the function encounters any error in the import file. In addition an error notification will also be given, so that further data can be imported correctly.

Role based Access Control

Effective role management ensures the right privilege assignment to each user. Each role comprises of a set of enabled or disabled functions. Roles are assigned in such a way that a user can have access only to the functionalities specific to that role, thus ensuring effective access management.

Comprehensive Report Generation

élan Practice Management comprises of a vast collection of reports such as Patient Registration Details, Clinic Schedule, Staff Schedule, Sales Details with option for staff wise Sales Report, Collection Details, Treatment and Prescription Records. There are also various options for category wise report generation.

Complete Treatment on a Single Click

élan Practice Management provides a treatment plan with drag and drop facility which makes the whole treatment process to be completed within a single click.

Easy Patient Registration & Management

Patient registration allows recording the personal details of the patient. There is also provision for adding photo of a patient. System also allows maintaining the professional and family details of patients. Once a patient is registered, the ID card can be printed on a single click. The registration also allows capturing the different scheme memberships and insurance details of each patient. This extensive patient record management helps easy customer relationship management.

Extensive Patient Search Criteria

Effective search mechanisms are provided in élan Practice Management with different search criteria such as Patient ID, name, month or year of registration, month or year of date of birth, phone numbers, zip code and gender. This allows locating a patient record on a revisit, even after a very long period, with whatever little data patient is able to provide.

Easy Tooth/Surface Numbering and Layout

The tooth treatment is supported by a graphical layout which makes the whole treatment process simple. The whole layout comprises of four sections each containing eight teeth. Each tooth is divided into five surfaces in such a way that treatment can be added for a surface or the tooth as a whole. Certain common Treatments can be dragged and dropped to a tooth in the layout from the treatment pane.

Standard Disease and Procedure Coding

élan Practice Management uses standard coding techniques for diseases and procedures which ensures the quality of the system.

Integration with Third Party X-Ray tools

X-Ray images taken using third party tools can be viewed in élan Practice Management. There are provisions to zoom in, zoom out and copy the images. There is also provision to manage X-Rays easily by attaching them to the respective tooth on the treatment pane.

Easy Treatment History Tracking

The treatment details of a patient can be easily tracked with the help of the teeth layout. Clicking on a tooth displays the details of the treatment including past observations, diseases, procedures and remarks made by the Clinician. There is also option to easily navigate to prescriptions, other medical history, X-Ray details, Patient Information or Appointments.

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